Church Board Notes NOVEMBER 2019

Expressions of Community & Friendship filled the November meeting. Your Board demonstrates compassion and care in your name each time we meet.

The Matthew 25 group reported that our Social Hall was open as an emergency warming shelter from Oct. 28-Nov. 2. This action was taken as a result of temperatures in the 20’s and the Gospel Rescue Mission (GRM) stating they would open their emergency shelter on Dec. 1. Mike Burr presented a letter to the City Council stating our group’s concern and disappointment with the Mission. A meeting is being called by the City Council to include the GRM and key members of Matthew 25 group with Rev. Erika Marksbury. The date of the meeting is not yet confirmed.

Highlights from Team Leaders follows:

  • Building and Grounds announced discussion of purchasing security cameras. The Board agreed by consensus to proceed.
  • Children and Youth shared the success of the “Lock-out” and the parent group met for breakfast early in November.
  • Mission reports that Safe Families is beginning to start up at FBC with 7-8 people expressing interest.
  • Membership has received back 58 questionnaires. Contact with Linfield’s LGBTQ community has been made. A suggestion from membership is for people to come to the Gathering Room after church to have a chance to visit with one another to help strengthen community.
  • Faith Formation reports that many groups and activities are functioning with good success.
  • Worship & Community Engagement said feed back on music is good. Classes have adjusted to the new time. They also encourage everyone to submit an advent devotional for the theme of “What Can’t Wait?”
  • The Financial report is stable at this time. Estimate of Giving cards need to be returned to create a workable budget for 2020.
  • Erika mentioned the increase of Sean’s hours. He will provide staff support for the Membership and Small Group teams.

Your Board then planned the appreciation luncheon with the Social Team’s direction for Sunday, Nov. 17. About 80 members and friends attended the luncheon. Each received a small card thanking them for their contributions to friendship and community at FBC.

Compassion and Friendship are valuable gifts to give and receive this season. May you both receive and give this season. That is what community is all about!

Peace, JoAnn Sims, Moderator