Church Board Notes – August

We are on a journey together. Your Church Board is part of our collective journey. We meet every 2nd Wednesday of each month to plan, report, and to share. During the August 8th meeting the discussion of hospitality and community regarding our denominational region, the courtyard, and the use of the lockers located in our parking lot surfaced.

Welcoming Our Community: The Matthew 25 committee’s recommendation to re-open the courtyard, as a place of respite and quiet conversation, was passed. The new hours will be: Open 7 am-7 pm May-September and 7 am-5 pm October-April. New signage is being posted. Everyone is invited to the Courtyard’s Re-Dedication and Ice Cream Social on Sunday, Sept. 2nd after our 10 am service. During the Farmers Market on Thursday, Sept. 6th we will also welcome our McMinnville community into the courtyard providing cool water and games.

The Matthew 25 committee is also launching a new use and lockage system for the lockers in our parking lot. The lockers will be cleaned, painted, and repaired. People using the lockers will participate in a locker use and lock training program. The Matthew 25 committee will monitor the locker area frequently.

Building Community with our Regional Churches: The annual meeting of our American Baptist Churches of the Central Pacific Coast is happening in Richmond, CA, October 19-21.  The theme is “Imagine the Future Church.” We can contribute our rich heritage and vision for the future with our regional churches. FBC has 4 delegates and more are invited to attend. Do you want to be a delegate? There are some FBC assistance funds available if you wish to attend. Please let me know as soon as possible! Discounts for rooms are available if you register before Sept. 19th. Please find more info on Page 5 about this event. Please join me in this community-building event!

Good News for our FBC Community today and in the future: Work has begun on the repair of our South Wall. The stucco and drainage repair is underway. We ask for your patience during the closure of the south parking lot during this repair. Thank you for your generosity in making this work possible.

FBC Church Board represents You: Please contact with any questions, comments, or concerns. Peace be with you, your Moderator, JoAnn Sims