Georgine Benner reported on Worship & Community Engagement. We discussed and agreed that Worship would continue on Facebook Live for the time being.  

Barbara Nelson, reporting on Membership, lead a discussion of the challenges in tracking Church attendance through the online form (the new “red book”). The Board provided feedback for the committee to aid in its continuing efforts to make sure that viewers notice the form and be able to fill it out.  

Tai James reported groups that fall under the purview of Faith Formation are still meeting, but not meeting as often, and the groups are generally smaller. Even so, Faith Formation is looking into and working on forming a new group —a mom’s group—which Martha Van Cleave has volunteered to mentor. There appears to be a need for such a group during the pandemic. 

Myra Huff, our new head of Children and Youth, reports that she is meeting with Sean to figure out how the committee and Sean can and should work together to serve the youth of the Church.

Steve Howard updated us on the continued progress by Buildings & Grounds with the Wi-Fi, phones, and security camera installation.  

Don Watson, now our assistant treasurer but still doing so much for FBC, filled in for Barbara Burr providing good news—our year-to-date income is slightly ahead of goal, and expenses are down a little due to COVID.

During discussion of old business, the Board discussed the needs created by COVID, agreeing to meet online for at least one more month and continuing to permit people to attend CB meetings. JoAnn & Wayne agreed to get the word out so we could arrange invites for anybody who would like to attend. The Board also agreed to postpone the annual “Board Retreat”— an annual, lengthy meeting when the board sets goals and discusses present & future needs of the congregation.  

We are still without a chair for the Stewardship Committee. Erika is presently engaging with a potential candidate, but if you feel called to such a position, please contact me.  

Under new business, the Board authorized Marilyn Crouser to draft a letter reflecting those approved by the Board to conduct business on the Church’s behalf with First Federal Savings & Loan.  

Finally, we discussed the fact, there’s a relatively new member to the Church who is a hospice chaplain.  The Board decided to invite him to our next meeting to meet him and discuss what he does, with an eye toward the possibility of endorsing him and his service.

See you next week online, and next month right here.

— Dave Ferry