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Worship Times:
Sunday Mornings 9am – Traditional Service
11am – Contemporary Service

The First Baptist Church of McMinnville is a creative, thoughtful, inclusive American Baptist congregation. Following the example of Jesus, the urging of the Spirit, the call of God, the challenge of the prophets, the legacy of those who have gone before us, and the insistence of our own consciences, we affirm the dignity and worth of all creation.

As we proclaim and work toward the reign of justice and all people. We rejoice in our diversity and seek to understand our differences as ways of more fully encountering the beauty and complexity of the image of God. We commit to creating a community where people of all ages, abilities, genders, gender expressions, sexual orientations, races, ethnicities, nationalities, experiences, backgrounds, and situations are celebrated as full participants, as together we strive to be faithful followers and proclaimers of Good News.

Past Sermons

This Week’s Pastoral Prayer

Holy One,
You travel before us,
beckoning us.
And alongside us,
cheering us on.
And You lag behind,
urging us torward tomorrow…

We do not know the ways.

We hold out ideals…

And we cling to hopes…

And we take small steps…

And we stumble,
and we fear,
and we get turned around.

We take comfort from knowing
that whatever this way is,
wherever this journey
we have set out on will take us,
we do not go this way alone.
And we are never –
wherever we wander –
out of Your care.
We take comfort
in knowing

So bless our journeys,
we pray.
Bless all those roads
that people are traveling
these days –
some easier than our own,
some unimaginably harder.

May all of us know You
behind us,
before us,
beside us


Worship in April

April 2-Communion Sunday; John 8 & 18; Rev. Erika Marksbury preaching

April 9-Palm Sunday: Matthew 6; Rev. Erika Marksbury preaching

April 13-Maundy Thursday: 7 pm - meal & liturgy, (optional) footwashing

April 14-Good Friday: 9 am - 6:00 pm Prayer Stations in the sanctuary Community Worship service at McMinnville Covenant Church, 7 pm

April 16-Easter Sunday: Luke 24; Rev. Erika Marksbury preaching 10:00 am Easter Brunch in the Gathering Room

April 23-YAHOO Sunday: Mexico Mission Trip travelers share about their experiences

April 30-5th Sunday Schedule: 9 am - Meditative Prayer Service 11 am - Combined Service with a Celebration of Baptism;
Rev. Erika Marksbury preaching


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