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Summer Worship Time:
Sunday Morning 10 am

The First Baptist Church of McMinnville is a creative, thoughtful, inclusive American Baptist congregation. Following the example of Jesus, the urging of the Spirit, the call of God, the challenge of the prophets, the legacy of those who have gone before us, and the insistence of our own consciences, we affirm the dignity and worth of all creation.

As we proclaim and work toward the reign of justice and peace, we welcome all people. We rejoice in our diversity and seek to understand our differences as ways of more fully encountering the beauty and complexity of the image of God. We commit to creating a community where people of all ages, abilities, genders, gender expressions, sexual orientations, races, ethnicities, nationalities, experiences, backgrounds, and situations are celebrated as full participants, as together we strive to be faithful followers and proclaimers of Good News.

Past Sermons

This Week’s Pastoral Prayer

​This week's pastoral prayer remembers that the origins of Mother's Day were rooted in hopes for peace: hopes that mothers of differing perspectives and even differing nations could all teach their sons not to harm one another, and so they could bring about an end to war. ​

Into life, Holy One, is where you are always calling us.

Into life, and so into community.

Into life, and so into love.

You are always calling us, guiding us, this way.

We give thanks that you are persistent.

That you don’t give up on us, even when we’re not easy.

We give thanks that your grace enfolds us at every turn​,

​t​hat your love wraps around us and holds us close,

​t​hat your faith in us means we can never really be lost,

​h​owever we might feel.

This day and all our days, God,

​w​e pray for peace –

​i​n our hearts, and in our homes,

​a​nd in our streets, and in our communities.

We pray for peace between neighbors and peace between nations.

We pray for the peace of Christ – deep, abiding, healing, justice-making peace –

​t​o be in and around and through all things.
And we pray that when we need that peace, we might be open to receive it.

And we pray that where we can give peace,

we might be courageous enough to offer it. And we ask,

Gracious One, in your mercy, hear our prayer. Amen.

Worship in July

July 1 Communion Sunday “In Defense of God" Genesis 3:1-7; Rev. Erika Marksbury preaching

July 8 “On Knowing Where You Are” Genesis 3:1-13; Rev. Erika Marksbury preaching

July 15 "Returning to Dust " Genesis 3:1-19; Rev. Erika Marksbury preaching

July 22 “Sown Together” Genesis 1:9-13; JP Bierly preaching at FBC, Pastor Erika leading worship at Campout

July 29 5th Sunday - “Knowing Good and Evil” Genesis 3:1-24, Rev. Erika Marksbury preaching


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