Thoughts from Pastor Erika – March

Five of us from FBC, plus our team leader and our local guide, crowded into this Nicaraguan family’s small home, investigating their water filtration system as part of our assignment from AMOS Health & Hope. Small puppies played at our feet and the homeowner stood nearby, proudly, shyly, stirring a pot of beans. The wall at our backs was made of tall, strong sticks, and we could feel the breeze blow through as we worked and made awkward small talk in the best Spanish we could muster. But our conversation was interrupted by a strong gust of wind that blew through that stick wall and sent the bowls and cups flying off the shelf fastened to it.

As the dinnerware crashed around us, the woman of the house said to us with a smile, “The wind does not respect you, even though you are foreigners.”

I’ve been thinking a lot about that statement of solidarity, that awareness that even as we stood in her home, carrying so much of our privilege in or on our bodies, in that moment there was a recognition of what none of us are protected or exempted from – the dust on those roads, the rains that fall and the sun that beats down, the wind, that Jesus likened to Spirit of God to, that “blows where it will.” We laughed together in acknowledgement of the truth she spoke, and the differences that had seemed to loom large moments before began to dissipate.

You can read more about the adventure ten of us had in Nicaragua in the March Tidings on page 5, or ask any team member to tell a story, and please come to worship on April 22 to hear the group share. For now, I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you, for your long- term mission partnership with AMOS, for supporting this year’s delegation, for the chance to visit and witness one more place where the Spirit of God is moving.

Pastor Erika