Thoughts from Pastor Erika January 2018

I embrace the Baptist identity of being non-creedal people. I’ve never belonged to any place where people sign a statement of faith. I don’t shy away from standards, but that idea that we all must – or even should – articulate our understanding of sacred mystery in exactly the same way just seems tricky to me. Then again, my own articulation of my deepest faith commitments is not all that complicated. At root, I believe two things: God is with and for us. And we are with and for each other. That’s what gives me hope. That’s what I show up for, to celebrate and to share that.

That’s why I’m so excited about our “Building Community” theme for 2018. Our physical building is undergoing some major mainten-ance – and way to go, FBC, for raising the funds needed to preserve and protect this historic faith home! For 2018, our ministry focus will be on building com-munity, both within the church walls and outside of it. We’ll have events throughout the year designed to deepen our relation-ships with one another, and we’ll partner with outside organizations, too, to strengthen our ties with all who seek good for McMinnville and beyond – A Family Place, Piecing Community Together, Habitat for Humanity, and more.

Look for more info soon, but for now, let me just say thank you for the community you already are – engaged and curious, kind and generous, peace-loving and justice-minded and open. With all that, plus 150 years of faithfulness as our foundation, I am so excited for what God will do in and through FBC in 2018.

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Thoughts from Pastor Erika February 2018

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