Thoughts from Pastor Erika – April

In the second century of the common era, Greek church father St. Iraneus told those who would listen, “The glory of God is every creature fully alive.” In this season of resurrection, that’s the invitation to each one of us: What does it mean for you to be fully alive? When are those times, or where are those places, that you feel like you’re resting in the promises of abundance – abundant care, abundant grace, abundant beauty, abundant life?

Sometimes we shy away from these questions because they feel selfish, but their answers help to show us where we find shalom – health and wholeness – and that’s not only good for us individually, it’s good for our communities, and for our whole world. So as our stories turn toward Jesus’ new life, consider: where are possibilities springing up in your own life? What does it take to nurture those? How can your church help to tend that new life? And how can what’s being born in you help to bring forth all that’s being born around you?

Happy Easter! Erika