Thank You from Mylinda Baits

Greetings McMinnville First Baptist!

I wanted to again say thanks for your kindness and generosity through the Change for Change offering. When I was in Nicaragua with AMOS Health and Hope in January, I was able to leave my 8 sets of symbolic imagery cards for their future trainings because I was able to purchase a new laminator and create new sets with the donation you all sent. Here is the evidence of your generosity

Laminator Laminator prints

I am prepping now for another expressive art and self care workshop for the staff and volunteers at Samaritana Center near Manilla, Phillipines as well as co-facilitate a 10 day intensive training for transformation of conflict with IM colleagues Dan and Sharon Buttry in Baguio City . More than 30 key leaders in peace and justice work throughout Asia and the Pacific will take part. I’m thrilled to be included in this historic and significant gathering. Thanks again in making all of this work possible.

Blessings,  Mylinda