FBC will offer an opportunity for mid-week connection on Wednesdays from 4:30-5:30pm. Each week will have a loose theme to center our conversation, though we’ll be free to wander from that focus if/as the group desires. You’re invited to check out the themes below and to come (virtually) with a story or some thoughts to share, and an object, too – show-and-tell style.

Join the conversation Wednesdays at 4:30pm here:

June 3 – Navigating Transitions

Change is in the air: students are graduating, spring is heating up into summer, and quarantine is shifting our routines and perspectives in ways we have only begun to imagine. Join this conversation and we’ll share stories of other big and small changes we’ve weathered, how we did that, what we learned, and what gifts we found in that.

June 10 – Defining Moments

“Do you remember where you were when…?” Shifts in our consciousness regarding well-being, justice, interdependency, and what it means to be a local and global community are all happening moment by moment as we watch the news and take in the horror of recent injustices and the hope birthed by the responses to them. This conversation will be centered on  times in our personal histories where world events made a significant impact on who we understood ourselves to be or how we oriented ourselves going forward, and how those shifts might inform our responses today.

June 17 – Father Figures

With Father’s Day approaching, we’ll bring our memories and our gratitude for those who brought us up, taught us about strength, honor, and courage, gifted us with nurture and wisdom. Bring a favorite story, memory, photo, or show-and-tell object to add to the discussion.

June 24 – Long-Term Good

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic will undoubtedly last a long time, perhaps a lifetime. We’ve heard dire predictions for the economy and other facets of our communal life, fears about things never really “returning to normal.” We’ll spend this hour focused on the good that is being birthed during this time. What new global awareness are you awakening to? What small joys are you finding close to home? How have you simplified your life, expanded your mind, magnified your circle of care? Come and share.