International Missions support for ABC-USA Global Servants (Missionaries)

FBC is proud to partner with and provide financial support to the following Global Servants.

Mylinda Baits, Mylinda is a pastoral artist and trainer. Serving as a global consultant for Training Through Restorative Arts, she partners with IM colleagues, national church leadership and social change organizations to seek justice, healing and transformation through restorative art and creative expression. Compelled by Jesus’ prayer that the kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven, Mylinda creates spaces where servant leaders and those who do the hard work of rescue, relief and restoration can be nurtured and renewed. As sinner and saint, she sees beauty in broken places, wonder in wounded people and life in loving God and others.

Glen and Rita Chapman, who visited us last July, have returned to the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Glen and Rita have been instrumental in transforming the Kikongo pastoral training school into the Baptist University of Congo (UNIBAC). Glen is vice-rector of UNIBAC, where he teaches Old Testament, Hebrew and Baptist history. Rita runs the library, teaches English and works with the wives of theology students. Rita and Glen both are very much immersed in the life of the community and the church through village ministry, transportation and environmental ministries such as beekeeping, raising rabbits for agricultural training and planting trees for reforestation, lumber, firewood, charcoal and fruit.

Drs. David and Laura Parajon have been serving in health ministry since 2001, sharing Christ’s love and healing through AMOS Health and Hope. AMOS uses an empowering approach that engages communities as full partners. David and Laura provide preventive and curative health services to remote and vulnerable communities where there are no doctors through the training and support of health promoters. These individuals diagnose and treat common illnesses that can kill children, like pneumonia and diarrhea, and promote healthy habits like eliminating mosquito breeding sites to prevent zika and dengue fever. Short-term mission teams and volunteers work alongside AMOS to improve health for all people.

Kyle and Katrina Williams began serving in Thailand in September 2019.  Their first year is devoted to language learning and listening to the new culture to gain insight into how people understand the world around them.  Kyle will be serving with an organization that is gathering data that helps NGOs better understand the tribal conflict in Myanmar and how to better aid the peace process and bring dignity to minority tribal groups.  Katrina is hoping to teach high-school science at the international school that Ian, their oldest attends.