Denominational Support and Offerings

United Missions: As American Baptists, we serve as the hands and feet of Christ. We’re doing what we can to heal a hurting world. This means feeding the hungry; empowering pastors, lay leaders & youth to spread Christ’s love; protecting the environment; promoting Christian unity and more. United Mission is the vehicle that makes this happen. United Mission is the simple, efficient way American Baptists pool financial resources to maximize the amount of good we can do. These funds are used to connect resources with needs, resulting in meaningful change – and it’s all for God’s greater glory! These gifts are distributed on a percentage basis according to the covenant agreement between Region organizations, American Baptist Churches USA (ABCUSA), American Baptist Home Mission Societies, International Ministries, Ministers & Missionaries Benefit Board, and career development centers and partner organizations.

Rainbow Acres is an independent Christian residential community associated with the American Baptist Churches, USA. Founded in 1974 and located in Camp Verde, Arizona, Rainbow Acres empowers adults with developmental disabilities to live to their fullest potential with dignity and purpose. Residents, called Ranchers, are valued as individuals and nurtured to live a happy and full life. Ranchers live, work and socialize with their peers in a safe and loving community they call home. The mission funds sent to Rainbow Acres allows FBC to participate in the “Adopt-A-Rancher” program. We are currently adopting Patti W. who is an only child. She lived with her parents until their deaths. She came to Rainbow Acres in 2014 and enjoys all kind of activities and especially enjoys music, dance, parties and Special Olympics.

Special Offerings: FBC participates in four special denominational offerings every year.

  • One Great Hour of Sharing targets disaster relief, providing clean water and food security. This offering occurs in the early spring or when needs arise.
  • America for Christ is a campaign to assist the American Baptist Home Mission Society cultivate leaders, equip disciples and heal communities. This offering occurs in late spring or early summer.
  • World Mission Offering focuses on awareness, advocacy and action for global missions through ABCUSA International Ministries. A yearly focus might include ministries of global health and wellness, abolishing global slavery, global economic and community development and much more. This offering occurs in September and October of each year.
  • FBC Fellowship Fund offering is taken on the first Sunday of each month to support one-time assistance for congregation and community members facing urgent need.