Safe Families for Children

Safe Families for Children Informational Session
Sunday, June 5th 10-10:50am – Gathering Room
The Safe Families for Children program coordinated through A Family Place Relief Nursery and Catholic Community Services, is a movement of compassion designed to reduce child abuse by providing a secure, temporary home for children whose parents are in crisis. The program strives to return to having church communities in the forefront of caring for children and families. Prior to the child welfare system, churches and other faith-driven organizations were at the forefront of caring for vulnerable children. Safe Families is a return to his movement of Christian families who have opened their homes to care for children whose parents are struggling, therefore demonstrating radical or Biblical hospitality. Safe Families serves as a bridge where those who might be trapped in poverty are connected with families/churches who can provide for these resource-limited families. State agencies (welfare system) see Safe Families as a resource for families who are at risk but do not fall within their abuse/neglect criteria. The Safe Families program provides the necessary training and support for host families and churches who accept the call for this ministry.

The Safe Families ministry is only successful when it is embraced and adopted by local churches. On Sunday, June 5th at 10:00am, Kathy Ann Meier from Lutheran Community Services NW will be sharing with us the possible opportunities for FBC to participate in the Safe Families for Children movement. Yamhill County currently has 5 churches (3 in McMinnville) who have accepted the call to be Safe Families for Children Churches and more are needed to meet the demand of families in crisis. Some of the opportunities for involvement include:
• Becoming a Safe Church: Manifesting the compassion of Christ by supporting, training and pastoring safe families with in the community;
• Mentoring Safe Families: Providing support, education and guidance to families hosting children in their homes;
• Recruiting Safe Families: hosting informational tables/educational sessions about the program;
• Hosting Support Groups: Providing space and opportunities for Safe Families churches to meet together on a quarterly basis, building a sense of community and a network of support;
• Support Services: Provide support services to those who care for children like respite care, transportation services for host families, etc;
• Providing Resources: Developing a resource closet or center to help provide items for children placed in Safe Families, including (but not limited to) diapers, formula, car seats, clothing blankets and other supplies that host families may need when children enter their home.

Join us at this session as we explore if Safe Families for Children is a ministry our congregation might consider!
Contact Susan Chambers, Mission Education Team for more information and questions.