One World Peace Concert

Mike SternJoin us as we hear SONGS of CELEBRATION, COURAGE,                                    Bill Jolliff, musician                  PEACE, LAUGHTER, and COMPASSION.

Saturday, Feb. 11 – 7:00 pm – First Baptist Church sanctuary,  Featuring Song writers, Poets, and Musicians, MIKE STERN & BILL JOLLIFF

                                                     Mike Stern has traveled the world extensively while singing for PEACE and JUSTICE. He has visited Hiroshima & Nagasaki in Japan; Malawi & Zimbabwe in South Africa; El Salvador & Nicaragua in Central America.  Mike’s day job is a medical researcher and family nurse practitioner at the University of Washington.

Bill Jolliff’s songs are in the traditional Appalachian and Midwestern fiddle tune and ballad style. His poetry often speaks of compassion and equality. Bill’s day job is a professor of American literature, poetry writing, and literary criticism at George Fox University.

“Mike Stern’s music is an anthem for an America as it should be, a reminder that Peace and Justice should be our highest moral values.” —David Horsey (Pulitzer Prize winning columnist)

 “It is Mike’s own life commitment to Love & Justice that most commends his music. You will laugh. You will be moved. But don’t expect to get too comfortable. You will also be challenged, and I expect, changed.” —Rev. Tim Phillips, Seattle FBC

 An offering will be taken to help raise money for Japanese American incarceration stories at this summer’s ABCUSA Biennial meeting in Portland. We are hopeful we can provide survivors with registration, meals, and lodgings. Your generosity is appreciated!