March 14 – Church Board Notes

Flowers are blooming, trees and vines are budding – ’tis the season of promise, hope and new life! Last month you might have read in the Board Notes section of the Tidings about the Church Board’s plan to make some changes and revisions to the Board structure. I am excited about the promise of these changes for leadership to better support Building Community within and beyond the congregation. A nominating committee is starting with hope to bring new faces in these leadership roles.

You also may remember reading in Tidings last Fall that the discernment committee formed to assist the Board to respond to Rev. Steve Bils’ request to either leave the ABC-CPC region or leave AWAB. The discernment committee drafted a response saying we want to remain in the ABC-CPC region and maintain affiliation with AWAB. This letter was sent on by the Board to region leaders, with copies to Katie Chapman, AWAB Executive Director and Rev. Dr. Lee Spitzer, ABC-USA General Secretary. In October, Erika received some questions from Rev. Bils, intended to help him respond to questions from other congregations regarding our affiliation with AWAB. The discernment committee submitted to the Board very well-written and thoughtful responses, which were affirmed by the Board and have been sent on to the above mentioned people. Please let me know if you would like a copy of this letter. Our dialogue continues…

Also at the March meeting, the Board affirmed the recommendation of the 150th Anniversary Major Deferred Maintenance committee to wait until the roof project is completed before thinking about spending ‘contingency funds.’ A list of priority repair projects is being developed, should funds be available. The Building and Grounds committee is developing a list prioritizing routine maintenance projects that could be addressed using funds from the operating budget.

Every Board meeting ends with reports about all the wonderful ministries in place that are Building Community within and beyond the walls of our church. Respectfully, Susan Chambers, Moderator