FBC Library “Book Report”

As of January 1, 2015, I have agreed to take Jackie Painter’s place as the librarian. Following is Jackie’s  information on the library.

“If you are looking for a specific book, you may need to use the catalog, and, like the big libraries, the FBC Library now has an online catalog. You can access the catalog by downloading the files below … Our books come entirely from donations — some from people at First Baptist, and some from people in the wider community. Any donated books we can’t use are given to the McMinnville Public Library for their book sales.”

Among the books on the carousel (between the two library chairs) are three books I would like to recommend:  The Anatomy of Peace – Resolving the Heart of Conflict; Leaving Church – A Memoir of Faith; and Is Jesus a Republican or a Democrat? And 14 Other Polarizing Issues (Campolo).

Linda Watson, Church Librarian



Intro_to_catalog_9-12.pdf  [56.84K]

Catalog_instructions.pdf  [334.73K]

Library_catalog_10-2013.pdf  [344.81K]

Small_Group_List.pdf  [32.53K]

2013_New_books.pdf  [22.1K]

Wish_List_2012.pdf  [42.82K]