Kikongo University Thriving!

Dear Friends,
I have written in the past about the brand new university at Kikongo.  As you recall, it has grown out of our pastoral training program.  We now have three majors :  Theology /
development, agriculture science, and teacher training.   The response has been overwhelming.  The last time we had a new class in the pastoral training program we had six students.  Now, for the three majors we have an enrollment of over 80.  We have 20 in theology. This school is so popular that we are being warned that next year, we will have more students than we know what to do with.

KiKongo Univ
While facilities are nowhere  near what College students would need in the US, even with the meager resources, morale is high.   It is very difficult to get into post high school level in
Congo. Please see the  link below for how you might be able to help with this new project. We are requiring students to pay $350 annual tuition.  How does that compare to a College education in the US?
                 Your assistance to help students with tuition, medical, food, transportation, computers for the students (  all 80 are sharing  three  laptop computers),  books, and we need to think
about building a new  women’s dorm.   Perhaps the most urgent immediate need is to provide solar lights for the girls dorm.  Please feel free to contact us with questions.

Blessings, Glen and Rita