June Church Board & Semi-Annual Meeting Notes

The Semi-Annual Meeting of First Baptist Church was held Sunday, June 12, 2016. At this meeting, A Resolution to Guide the Functioning of the Endowment Fund (because nothing in writing has been found) was presented, amended and then approved by members present at the meeting. Charlie Walker, Stewardship chair and At Large member of the Board, also reported that options on priority repairs from contractors should all be received by the end of June.

The Church Board also presented updates to the Personnel Committee description for the By-laws and changes to the section of the Constitution   relating to Membership. The Board will affirm the changes to the By-laws at the July 6th meeting. The Changes to the Constitution require a vote at a future all congregational meeting.

Mike Burr has been updating the Church Board concerning our Courtyard Hospitality. He reported that current complaints are a fraction of what they have been in the past, due to a stable core group of guests. Mike suggests that “the courtyard would be a   perfect place for a ‘parish social worker’ to make contact with folks and try to get them the services they need…[and to] connect them with the services as a preventative tool rather than as a crisis response…”

Mike is working on ways to connect guests to county   services and setting up Mental Health First Aid Training for FBC volunteers and staff.

Information follows in this issue of the Tidings from the four Council Chairs (Administrative, Christian Education, Missions, Worship & Spiritual Growth), treasurer and Pastor Erika. A copy of the Semi-Annual Meeting, June 12, 2016, is posted on this website for your read. A personal copy is available at the church office.

Clerk’s Report:

One new member by Baptism, Morganne Larmouth, May 15

One Wedding, Danny Browne & Gloria LaFata, May 21

Deaths: Pat Sanderlin, Friend, May 24 / Lucita Duke, Member, June 1

Respectfully submitted by Susan Chambers (filling in as Moderator for Martha VanCleave.)