June 24 – Church Board Notes/Semi-Annual Meeting Summary

Semi-Annual Meeting Summary Sunday, June 24, 2018

I want to use this space to report on the Semi-Annual meeting held on Sunday, June 24. The congregation approved the recommendation of the Church Board to adopt a structure of 6 Ministry Team Leaders and 2 At-large members. This change results in revisions to our Bylaws and Constitution. We are looking forward to the new positions of Membership/Member Engagement and Faith Relations as well as revisions to the existing positions.

After we approved the change of structure, the new officers were elected to Church Board. We welcomed Steve Howard, Shelly Sanderlin and Les Toth as new members. We thanked Nicole Curry, Joyce Early and Charlie Walker for their leadership these last two years.

Before we called Erika as Senior Pastor, the congregation established a Pastoral Relations Committee to support our pastor and to ensure that the relationship between the pastor and the congregation is vital, healthy and mutually beneficial. As the Bylaws require, congregation affirmed the current members of the committee at our meeting. The Church Board wants to make sure members of the congregation know that Mike Burr is the chair of the committee if you have items of encouragement or concern to share.

Based on the positive response to the Stewardship request last month, the Church Board asked the congregation to approve a budget adjustment for July 1-Dec 31, for funds to provide an additional 1% Cost of Living Allowance for 5 staff and to provide $2,000 to Untied Missions. Stewardship asked, and you responded to make these funds available. Thank you!

Most importantly, we heard summaries of the reports from programs and ministries of the church. So much going on in the life of our congregation! If you were not able to attend the meeting, please stop by the office to pick up a copy of the report. Those of you who attended the meeting know that JoAnn Sims was elected our moderator beginning July 1st.

I will be stepping into the position of Missions Ministry Leader and staying on the Church Board. Thank you for your support these last two years. Blessings, Susan Chambers