January 10, 2018 Church Board Notes

I reported last month that the focus of the Church Board in December was to propose a balanced budget for 2018. In January, the Budget Team continued working to build a budget that anticipated less income in Estimates of Giving compared to 2017. The Church Board approved a church budget on Jan. 10. This was complicated when in the second week of January, unexpected errors were discovered by Roger Dell, our Financial Secretary. Inadvertently $6,500 had been recorded in general funds with the regular Estimates of Giving collections, when the amount should have been placed in the 150th Anniversary Deferred Maintenance account.

The Budget Team submitted a revised budget proposal for the Semi-Annual Meeting on January 21, dealing with this revised financial reality, that did not include Cost of Living Allowances (COLA) for our core staff.  Those attending the meeting know what transpired. There was a motion to amend the proposal to reinstate a 1% COLA by reducing that amount ($1,905) budgeted for Missions. A majority approved the amendment (not unanimous) and a 2018 Budget was approved.   I report all this for those of you who were not at the meeting. There was a suggestion to develop a designated fund to restore the reduction to Missions, and, if the income allows, reinstate another 1% COLA.  We need to keep in mind that the approved budget still has an estimated $6,000 in ‘other contributions’ that is greater than what is anticipated.

We have work to do to end 2018 in the black! My gratitude extends to Don Watson and Judee Kunze for their commitments to a balanced budget and to Martha VanCleave, our Assistant Moderator, for her leadership during the two weeks I was down with the flu. Let’s move forward, building community and committing to do God’s important work within and beyond our walls.

Respectfully, Next Susan Chambers Church Board Meeting: Moderator