Actual for Period% of Amount Budgeted for Period
Contributions Income$227,934102.4%
Total Income$255,215100.9%
Total Expenses$228,53190.4%
Net Income$26,684

Financial Update:

Deep gratitude to Judee Kunze and Martha VanCleave for updating Quickbooks from 2009 to the 2020 version.  It was A LOT of work and they both rose to the challenge!

Welcome back, Roger Dell and Jane Apel.  And many thanks to Martha VanCleave for stepping up and acting as Assistant Financial Secretary during the past 6 months.

Fortunately, your contributions and gifts have remained steady and even surpassed our budgeted figures. Thank you all so much for your continued support as we join in our worship time virtually.

Additionally, staff costs for this period are slightly decreased with the child care staff not working, and the Music Director being hired two months after the year had begun.

If you have signed up for Realm (Church Software Database) you may view a secure page that lists all your financial contributions to First Baptist Church. If you have questions, please contact Martha VanCleave (, Don Watson (, or Barbara Burr (

We are so grateful.

Your FBC Finance Committee,

Barbara Burr, Judee Kunze, Martha VanCleave, Don Watson, Roger Dell, Jane Apel