Financial Report NOVEMBER 2019


Financial Update:

  • After 10 months, our income from Contributions is at 95% yet short of our goal by $ 12,500. Of the net income balance above, a good portion will be spent on building maintenance and repair before the end of December. Having no big repair surprises this year has enabled us to spend more on needed maintenance projects. We have completed three LED upgrade projects this year with most of the cost covered by anonymous donors.
  • The Courtyard repair project will be paid from 150th Major Maintenance Project funds. That fund is about $10,000 short of covering this repair. If you have not completed your pledge and you can do so before the end of the year, that will be very helpful.

We are so appreciative of your financial support! It is a privilege to be together in ministry – FBC Finance Committee, Jane Apel, Roger Dell, Judee Kunze, Martha VanCleave, Don Watson