Actual for Period% of Amount Budgeted for Period
Contributions Income$ 49,06488.1%
Total Income$ 57,14890.4%
Total Expenses$ 56,34989.2%
Net Income$ 799

Financial update:

It is early in the year yet our income is behind budget by $6,059. It is our goal to be back on track by the end of April. Please help where you can.

Accomplishments to celebrate:

* We have completed the new surface in the Courtyard. It is beautiful. This was the last project to be paid for from our 150th Major Maintenance campaign. We are so very appreciate for each and every donation.

* Our Missions fundraiser via the Nancy McCann & Friends Concert raised over $3,000. Another amazing event.

* BrilliantNW is helping us with several important projects / upgrades: Security Cameras outside and inside the building, a major upgrade to our Internet, upgrading our phone system and moving the FBC webpage to a new provider.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support of ministry here and beyond the corner of 1st & Cowls St.

FBC Finance Committee,

Jane Apel, Roger Dell, Judee Kunze, Martha VanCleave, Don Watson