February Worship Highlights

‘STORIES CROSS BOUNDARIES’ In February, we’ll explore the stories of Jesus and the disciples crossing “to the other side,” and we’ll discover what learning awaits them (and us!) in unfamiliar settings. 

Feb. 5 – Worship with Communion, Scripture: Mark 4:35-41 – Rev. Erika Marksbury preaching 

Feb. 12Scripture: Mark 6:45-51 – Rev. Erika Marksbury preaching

Scout Sunday @ the 11 am service / Offertory at both services by visiting musician Mike Stern.           

Feb. 19Scripture: Mark 8:11-21 – Rev. Erika Marksbury preaching                

Feb. 26 – Scripture: Mark 8:22-26 – Rev. Bill Apel preaching, “Can You See Anything?”                  

 March 1 – Ash Wednesday Service6:30 pm at FBC – A combined Service with the Congregation of St. James Catholic Church. This year, FBC will host and Father Mike, the new priest at St. James, will preach. Music and liturgists will come from both congregations. This service is a meaningful way to bring in the season of Lent, by drawing us together with neighbors and reminding us that we all come from God, and we all return to God.