FBC sponsors a Rainbow Acres Resident

INTRODUCING DONNA Donna at Rainbow Acres

Donna Hubler came to live at Rainbow Acres six years ago after her mother passed away. Her sister, Patty, helped move Donna to Rainbow Acres and Patty and her husband do the best they can to pay for Donna’s care. It is a challenge because both are in their 70’s, still working and dealing with their own health issues.

Enter FBC of McMinnville. FBC is partnering with Rainbow Acres to help sponsor   a “Rancher”, a person with developmental disabilities who lives permanently at Rainbow Acres. We are helping sponsor Donna to help alleviate the financial burden on her family AND to get to know a wonderful human being.

As you can see by her picture, Donna has an infectious smile! She is a senior citizen who celebrates her birthday on July 3rd. There are some wonderful ways to share life with Donna. Sending cards and occasional small gifts is very meaningful. Small gifts include simple coloring books and crayons, simple  puzzles and favorite snacks. There is also the opportunity to send Donna on a one day “Rainbow Vacation” – a day outing to places like the Zoo, Botanical Garden or National Park.

The Mission Education Team hopes that some hearts are touched by Donna’s smile and her story and that a small group of people would like to share their lives with Donna. If you are one of these people, please contact one of us listed below for more details.

Thanks for your caring and generous spirit!

— The Mission Education Team: Susan Chambers, Joan Kushner, Janet Langenwalter