Designating a Specific Fund for Your Donation 

On the PayPal secure website, you first enter the amount of your donation and your payment information.  On the website page asking you to “review your donation”, under the name of the church and the $ amount of your donation, is a tiny blue square with a + and the caption “Fund Designation or Message”.

Clicking on this line will open a message box where you can type in your special instruction.  The financial secretary will see the note on the confirmation email sent to the church and your donation will be allocated to your chosen fund.

Optional Fund Designations for Your Donation

Unless otherwise designated, your donation will go to support the ongoing work and ministries of First Baptist Church.

Following are some of the other funds to which you may wish to designate your donation.
Fellowship Fund—for responding to individual needs of community and church members
YAHOO Mexico Mission—for the annual youth spring trip to help build homes in Mexico
La Pimienta—For the ongoing support of a health clinic in this Nicaraguan village

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