December Thoughts from Pastor Erika

The Scriptures that take us through Advent are a mess. All around, things are falling apart – mountains toppled, ground broken up beneath our feet, political and social and even natural orders subverted – a lion cuddling up with a lamb, for goodness’ sake. The prophets the Church has chosen to lead us to the Christmas story foretell not a quiet baby resting peacefully in a cozy manger but a world turned upside-down.

In other words, our Advent scriptures tell a true-to-life story. They tell the story of an incredibly fragile world shot through with complicated hopes and all that is lost and gained and upset and destroyed and renewed on the way to those hopes becoming realized.

Maybe sometimes our own lives feel like microcosms of that unpredictable world. Maybe sometimes our own context, our own political and social systems, feel like that ancient chaos on repeat these many years later. Does your newsfeed, or your living room, or your mind, ever seem like madness to you?

This Advent, we’re going to spend some time in the wildness of it all. On purpose. We’re going to feel our feet disappear into the rubble all around them and wonder what could possibly come from those broken pieces. We’re going to pay attention to the places where, today, we can’t seem to make sense of things, and we’re going to ask why not, and what might be born in the midst of the mess of our own lives this season.