Conscious Aging: Awakening the Sage Within

Eldering Workshop – Saturday, November 18th
9:00 am-4:00 pm, in the Fireplace Room

“Conscious Aging: Awakening the Sage Within”

This workshop is to discover and enhance the spirituality of our elder years. Sage-ing (Conscious aging, or Spiritual Eldering) provides a model for living one’s elder years more consciously, more joyfully, and more compassionately towards self and others. We’ll explore how life review/ harvesting, doing forgiveness work, issues around mortality, and leaving a legacy can add vitality and fulfillment to our lives. We’ll develop a personalized plan for our elder years and our continued spiritual development. This program is led by Rev Mike Burr, who’s been a certified Spiritual Eldering Institute leader for 15 years. Cost: $65 ($40 for FBC members). Contact Mike @971-241-4950 or