Church Board Notes JULY 2019

Ice Cream Socials, Barbecues, and FBC’s Future!
The future has begun for the new and continuing members of your FBC Church Board. Your new Church Board (CB) met on July 10. All Leadership Teams were represented with a special thanks to those who stepped forward after our June 30 Semi-Annual Program & congregational meeting. Our current CB members are:
Moderator – JoAnn Sims
Assistant Moderator – Dave Ferry
Secretary/Clerk – Marilyn Crouser
Treasurer – Don Watson
Membership & Member Engagement – Joyce (Jace) Early & Barbara Nelson
Mission Education – Janet Langenwalter & Tim Duerfeldt
Children & Youth – Helen Anderson
Worship and Community Engagement – Georgine Benner
Building & Grounds – Steve Howard
Faith Formation – Dave Larmouth
Members At Large – Les Toth, & Barbara Burr
Senior Pastor – Erika Marksbury

The CB meeting also officially appointed Roger Dell as the Financial Secretary, Jane Apel as the Assistant Financial Secretary and Judee Kunze as Bookkeeper. Their fine work provides information for our FBC family to extend our welcome to so many organizations in our ministry and mission family.
When you see them, thank them. Each person represents his or her area of engagement for you. They try hard to discern your wishes with the leading of God’s spirit. The CB meets every second Wednesday at 6:30 pm in the 2nd floor conference room. It is open and you are welcome to attend. On rare occasions some discussions or work is confidential and for CB members only.

The Vision/Mission group appointed by the FBC Church Board has been providing creative and delicious ways for our congregation to gather. These gatherings are designed to build relationships and to build our vision for the future of FBC. I hope you have joined both of the gatherings. They are fun, delicious, and provide the foundation for our future! If you have not attended either the June Ice Cream Socials or the July Barbecues, call me at 425-802-7220. We need your input too!

The Matthew 25 group was granted an extension until August 15 to continue to assist the couple that occasionally parks overnight in our parking lot. Conversations with the Champion Team in McMinnville may have opened possibilities for this couple. Stay tuned. The Matthew 25 group asks for your prayers for the couple and for how the Matthew 25 group may best provide support in this situation.

The CB heard the report by Les Toth from the Shared Space group. That group explored the possibility of the Universal Unitarians (UU) renting/sharing a portion of our church on Sundays. After much discussion the Shared Space group was given guidelines and permission to speak to the UU group. Stay tuned on this situation as well!

JoAnn Sims, FBC Moderator 2018-2020