Church Board Notes – September

The September 11th Potluck, with food samples from 1880’s and 1950’s and special quilt display, was a glorious beginning to our 150th Anniversary Year. It is an exciting time to be part of FBC, especially with Erika’s leadership and commitment to telling stories of the past and weaving them into the present. The year ahead promises to be exceptional with workshops, concerts and lots of stories.

The Church Board meeting   on September 14th was an   important one. It was agreed that four of the topics discussed warrant a Congregational Meeting sooner than the regular scheduled Semi-Annual Meeting in January. The topics that need congregational consideration and action are:

  1. Change wording on Membership section of Constitution(first presented at the June congregational meeting),
  2. Act on Stewardship Committee and Church Board recommendation that we mount a Capitol Campaign to fund major deferred maintenance of the church home,
  3. Affirm continuation of the covenant with AMOS ministries in Nicaragua for another four year period,
  4. Approve the recommendation of Church Board that FBC become a member of AWAB (Association of Welcoming and Affirming Baptists),

The special Congregational Meeting on these four topics is scheduled for —

Sunday, October 30th – after the 11:00 AM Combined Worship Service (A light lunch will be provided)

Written materials are being prepared and you will receive them soon. Also, prior to the October 30th meeting there will be scheduled discussion sessions on the proposed deferred maintenance project and you will be encouraged to attend one of them.

Respectfully,  Susan Chambers, Moderator