Welcome to the Fall First Baptist Church,

Greetings from your Board, still meeting remotely during COVID-19. As always, congregants are welcome to “drop by,” but because of the remote systems, you will need to contact a Board member ahead of time so we can make the electronic linkage arrangements.  

At our September 9 meeting we welcomed Sam Ross as a special guest.  Sam is a Hospice Chaplain in the process of recertification. We obtained a lot of information about him and his work, and came to a Board consensus that we wished to endorse him so that he can list us as his Church of choice. Welcome Sam, and thank you for the work you do.

Pastor Erika brought great news – YCAP has offered financial support to our warming shelter. Basically, we are being provided with grant money to pay for professional assistance to do things we already do. A wonderful win/win for FBC and its mission to keep people warm and alive during difficult times.  

We also discussed budgets and preparations for budgets, (and thank you, again, to all who contribute financially and with your time so that FBC has the ability to do the good work that we do). We are in the process of changing leadership in several important respects when it comes to the budget—our new, wonderful treasurer, Barbara Burr, is quickly getting up to speed with Don Watson’s continued assistance, and we are changing leadership on the Stewardship Committee, also with Don Watson’s continued assistance (much in our Church is, in fact, done with Don Watson’s continued assistance—thanks again Don).

The Board also wished to thank our wonderful volunteers more formerly with a volunteer reception.  But with the challenges to getting together right now, we tabled the scheduling discussion for that reception for now and will bring it up again next meeting.  

Other highlights of the meeting included Myra Huff telling us how she is getting up to speed with the youth activities. They are challenging, like everything else, during COVID-19 and on-line schooling only.  

Tai James told us about the new Moms’ Group that had its first meeting, and the challenge of having some sort of child care option in order for more moms to attend. The Board has committed some resources to help, and you can contact either Tai or myself if you need such help so you can attend. And those are the highlights for September.  

See you here next month.

Your moderator, Dave Ferry