Church Board Notes – Nov. 8, 2017

With our 150th Anniversary year coming to a close, the Church Board and ministry staff held an all day retreat last month to think about ways for building and sustaining our community of faith in the near future. I am thankful for the way God’s spirit leads us to practical and attainable ideas. You will start to see some of these ideas immediately and others still need flushing out. For example we spent time reviewing our organizational structure. We have some ideas for refining the structure to emphasize our vision of building and sustaining community. We hope to have some ideas on paper in early 2018 and will be soliciting input from the congregation. (More on next page on Sunday Sign-In sheets.)

We heard a report from the project manager for the 150th Anniversary Deferred Maintenance Project. Everything except the roof and some stucco work is scheduled to be completed before the end of the year. More information is in the minutes (which are posted in the church office!)

We also heard a report from the Courtyard Committee that as the temperatures have dropped and it’s become wetter, we are having trouble enforcing the no loitering and camping policies in our entrances. We are researching ways to secure the 1st Street historic entrance, but it’s not going to be easy because we found out the 1926 gates were removed by order of the Fire Marshall. More to come on this subject.

The Discernment Committee formed to make recommendations to the Board on a possible path forward with ABC-CPC and AWAB met again after our November meeting, and we are expecting to discuss this more at our December meeting.

Finally, in addition to reports on the wonderful things happening in ministry, Board members brought to the meeting, words of thanksgiving for this community of faith. Many things were lifted up including, our dedicated staff and volunteers, our commitments to being inclusive, to emphasizing peace and justice, to serving our community, and so much more!  Ministry is not always easy… and it is a blessing to be have so much for which to be thankful.  Respectfully,  Susan Chambers, Moderator