Church Board Notes MARCH 2019

Good News, Challenges, and Spring are in the air. Part of representing you at the Church Board, all the Board members are devoted to the area of their responsibility. They gather their committee members, plan and carry out activities to create community, and to provide a variety of choice activities for your enlightenment, fun, and service.

Challenges . . .

· The Matthew 25 group attends to the immediate needs of those who need a friend, food, shower, or a bus pass. That is what the STAR program is all about. The Matthew 25 group is also trying to cooperate with the City of McMinnville in discussions about and for the homeless in our community. At the same time this group is keenly aware of all the programs that take place in our church building. Keeping our building and surrounds safe and usable for everyone all day and each week is a continuing challenge. The collaboration of the Matthew 25 group with your Church Board, especially Building & Grounds, Missions, Rev. Erika Marksbury, our staff, along with Church Mutual Insurance Company and the McMinnville police department, is critical. I am happy to report this collaboration is working and always striving to serve all who use our church.

· Pastor Erika and I have just received a letter from Rev. Steve Bils & the Board of Ministers of our ABCCPC region. This letter describes a new policy for member churches surrounding each church’s additional associations. Steve Bils is also requesting a time to meet with us for questions and clarifications. Erika and I will be exploring the meaning & implications of this new policy and how this new challenge unfolds.

Good News . . .

· The Vision/Mission (V/M) group met and will be working with Diane Hooge, an experienced interim pastor recently retired and living in Portland. Diane visited FBC last fall. She will assist us in crafting a process to revisit our Mission Statement. We are looking for a member of our congregation who fits the younger adult/family age category to be a part of this crafting process. Is that you?? Contact JoAnnSims at -or- 425-802-7220.

· Plans are in place while JP, our Music Minister, takes family leave to celebrate the coming brother or sister for Felix, Amelia & JP’s first child. Muriel Dresser will direct the choir for the early service, and Asherlee LaPlante will guide singing for the later service. We are all excited for this coming addition to our FBC family!

Spring News . . .

· The YAHOO Mexico Mission group will be building houses for families in Mexico during Spring Break. There are many young people traveling with leaders Georgine Benner, Joel Kiff, and Kena Avila. They will be sharing stories of great adventure when they return.

· Continuing the series of Walking Willing, set your calendars for April 14, Palm Sunday and April 21, Easter Sunday. Join us at 9 am or 11 am for the spring celebrations that mark two of the most challenging and joyous traditions in our faith.

From JoAnn Sims, Moderator