BY Win Dolan

Highlights of Our Story  First Baptist Church: 1867-2007
A year long series originally printed in the Tidings (article #13)

Here is your final exam in FBC History 101

1.  Marion van Dyk and Sally Geistweit served together in the Music Ministry for how
many years?
(a) 15  (b) 25  (c ) more than 30

2.  The church was founded by Linfield College personnel, who had no organized church on campus.
True  or  False

3.  What was the issue that caused Oregon Baptists to split into two bodies about
(a) gay-straight  (b) literal reading of scripture  (c ) baptism by sprinkling

4.  Our church has built and occupied how many buildings over the years?
(a) 2  (b)  3  (c ) 4

5.  Where is the Rev. Andrew Hunsaker memorialized?

6.  The Rev. Charles Rutherford was designated for what special service in 1007?

7  What was the Toy Box Center?

8.  Our church has a rule among its by-laws opposing smoking tobacco.
True  or  False

9.  The first woman to hold the office of Moderator, or Chair of the Official Board (now called Church Board), was elected in
(a) 1878   (b) 1951   (c ) 1980

10. The house across First Street, now the City Hall, has what connection with FBC?

11. Which ‘3’ of these people were responsible for placing three notable pieces of
stained glass in the church?
(a) Letha Wakeman   (b) Frank Nelson       (c ) Ezra Koch
(d) A.G. Boone    (e) Earle Shipley

Answers to Exam Questions
1.   (c ) More than 30
2.   False. The college was closely related, but not among the founders of the church.
3.   (b) Literal reading of scripture.
4.   (b) 3. An earlier building used by the church was built by the college.
5.   Bronze tablet at front of church, and photos among past ministers.
6.   Fully supported missionary to India.
7.   Day Care facility operated by the church for 25 years.
8.   False. There is no such rule.
9.   (c ) Dee White was elected in 1980
10. The house was owned by the church for several years in the 1950’s, and served as the church parsonage.
11. (b) Nelson, (c ) Koch, (e ) Shipley.