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February Lenten Worship Highlights

Feb. 7 – Communion Sunday                                         Luke 5:1-11  – Deeper Waters Our LENTEN Theme:  “The SPACE Between”  This Lent, we’ll make space. We’ll create room for the mystery at the heart of our faith. Feb. 14 – 1st Sunday of Lent Job1; Mark 10:17-27 – Personal Space Feb. 21 – 2nd Sunday of Lent                                          Job 2; […]

December Worship Highlights

  November 29 – 1st Sunday of Advent Genesis 38 – Tamar: Wondering about Righteousness December 6 – 2nd Sunday of Advent Joshua 2 – Rahab: Wondering about Faithfulness December 13 – 3rd Sunday of Advent Ruth – Ruth: Wondering about Sacrifice December 16 (Wednesday) Service of Remembrance December 20 – 4th Sunday of Advent […]

Service of Remembrance – Dec. 16

The sights and sounds of the holidays are beginning to fill the air around us, and we rejoice in the good news about to be born. Even so, we recognize that this can be a difficult season for those who are mourning the loss of a loved one, navigating an unwelcome transition, or carrying painful […]

Missionary visit, Nov. 21-22

Mylinda Baits, ABC International Missionary, Ibero-America and the Caribbean, will visit FBC Saturday, Nov. 21 & Sunday, Nov. 22. Mylinda is a regional missionary with a ministry focus of using expressive arts for self care and trauma recovery.  In her travels, Mylinda has been honored to share life, stories, trainings, worship experience and art-making with our Latin […]

November Worship Highlights

Nov. 1:  Communion Sunday – All Saints Day –  Message – All of Us Who Come After Nov. 8:  Message – Don’t Call Us ‘Good Offering our ‘Estimates of Giving’, of Time – Talents – Treasurers. Nov. 15:  Message – More Than We Can Imagine  12:15 pm – Bountiful Harvest Thanksgiving Luncheon Potluck Nov. 22:  Message […]

October Worship Highlights

Oct. 4 – Communion Sunday Message – Wide World, Wide Table – Scripture: Matthew 15:21-28 Oct. 11 – World Mission Sunday Message – Wells and Water Jars – Scripture: John 4:1-28 Youth led Worship at 11:00 a.m. Oct. 18 – Children’s Sabbath Message – But Not for God – Scripture: Mark 10:17-27; Isaiah 40:27-31 Oct. 25 – MISSION SUNDAY 8:45 […]

New Pastoral Relations Committee

Pastoral Relations: Empowering Ministry In September our new pastor, Erika Marksbury, will begin her tenure as senior pastor at FBC. In an effort to aid and empower her ministry, the Church Board has created a Pastoral Relations Committee (PRC) to act as sounding board and conduit for communication between the pastor, staff, and the congregation. […]

From Pastor Mike – August

So the story is told[1] of Eizik, son of Yekel, a poor, devout, and naïve Jew who lived in Cracow. He worried constantly: there was rent and the butcher and the tutor to pay, and three daughters to clothe and marry. So every day he prayed that the Lord would remember his debt-ridden servant. There […]