Pastoral Care (Page 3)

Thoughts from Pastor Erika – March

There are so many Biblical heroes I want to pick fights with. Paul, first, with his rules about who can speak, and where. Second, any author who used the refrain “not counting women and children” (as in, “Then Jesus fed the hungry crowd, and there were about 5000 who ate, not counting women and children.” […]

February Lenten Worship Highlights

Feb. 7 – Communion Sunday                                         Luke 5:1-11  – Deeper Waters Our LENTEN Theme:  “The SPACE Between”  This Lent, we’ll make space. We’ll create room for the mystery at the heart of our faith. Feb. 14 – 1st Sunday of Lent Job1; Mark 10:17-27 – Personal Space Feb. 21 – 2nd Sunday of Lent                                          Job 2; […]

Erika’s Notes – January

“And now,” writes the poet Rainer Maria Rilke… “let us welcome the new year, full of things that have never been.” My husband and I started dating in an October, so we’d only been together a few months when the new year approached. And, just making conversation, I asked him about his resolutions. And, equally casually, […]

Erika’s Notes – December

Even if you enjoy learning your own family history – even if you like to trace your story back generations and discover all kinds of hidden treasures – you probably don’t get excited about the genealogies in the Bible. All those “begats” – and always only the fathers and sons! – whole family trees of […]

Service of Remembrance – Dec. 16

The sights and sounds of the holidays are beginning to fill the air around us, and we rejoice in the good news about to be born. Even so, we recognize that this can be a difficult season for those who are mourning the loss of a loved one, navigating an unwelcome transition, or carrying painful […]

Stewardship – Inspirational Moment

From Rev. Erika Marksbury— We make our commitments real in many ways: we sing and pray our hopes, we speak our kindness, we give hands and feet to justice and mercy. We offer our time, our energy, our wisdom, and our money – this is how we give life to the good news we proclaim. […]

Erika’s Notes – November

As I write this, I’m still reflecting on the weekend adventure I shared with several FBC congregants at the annual regional meeting of the American Baptist Churches of the Central Pacific Coast. I know these sorts of big gatherings aren’t everybody’s favorite – and, as an introvert, I sometimes dread them – but I can’t […]

Erika’s Notes – October

There are lots of plusses to the kids having their own Sunday School time during worship: they get to hear stories geared just for them, to play and draw and sing together in ways that make God’s love real to them, to work out their restless energy. They aren’t tugging on their parent’s sleeve throughout the […]

September Pastor’s letter

Hello, Friends! As I write this, I’m headed your way – Rick and the boys (and our two cats!) and I are making the long drive to Oregon from Kansas. We are eager to be in McMinnville but also hoping to enjoy our meandering route out there. We’ve got stops planned in Yellowstone and with […]