Book Groups, Oct-Dec., 2017

This Fall, FBC is hosting two book groups. The themes of the books build on the themes from Sunday morning sermons, Wednesday night discussions, and the Mission Education Team’s “On Being an Ally” film that many of you saw recently. But the book groups also stand on their own, so feel free to participate in one of these even if you haven’t participated in the connected offerings.

Monday Book Group: October 2, Oct. 23, Nov. 6, Nov. 20, Dec. 4, Dec.18, from 7-8:30 pm at FBC Please contact JoAnn Sims if you are interested in reading Jim Wallis’ latest book, “America’s Original Sin: Racism, White Privilege and the Bridge to a New America.” In this book, Wallis offers a prophetic and deeply personal call to action in overcoming the racism so ingrained in American society. He speaks candidly to Christians–particularly white Christians–urging them to cross a new bridge toward racial justice and healing.

Tuesday Book Group: October 17, 24, 31, from 12-1 pm at FBC. “Between the World and Me” is Ta-Nehisi Coates’ “profound work that pivots from the biggest questions about American history and ideals to the most intimate concerns of a father for his son.” Coates has been hailed as “the single best writer on the subject of race in the United States.” This short, dense, award-winning book, written as a letter to his teenage son, is challenging, thoughtful, provocative, personal, and sure to generate worthwhile conversation. Contact Erika Marksbury if you’d like to participate or have questions about this book group.