Pastor’s Letter – April 2015

Sometimes I discover people in books, and sometimes only part of a person. For example, I discovered part of Thomas Pettepiece in a quote from his book, Visions of a World Hungry, in A Guide to Prayer. There he talks about his first Easter in “gaol” as a political prisoner, […]

America for Christ Offering 2015

What is the America for Christ Offering? This annual offering supports the work of the America Baptist Home Mission Societies serving congregations and communities, transforming people, and establishing ministries of justice throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. What are the roots of American Baptist Mission Societies? The ABHMS was […]

March Worship Highlights

  The LENTEN SEASON March 1 Communion Sunday Message – Choosing to Live Scripture: Genesis 17:1-7; Mark 8:31-38 March 8 Message – Stop Being a Duck Scripture: Amos 5:21-24; John 2:13-22 Youth Worship at 11:00 a.m. March 15 Message – Believe and Live Scripture: Ephesians 2:4-10; John 3:14-21 March 22 Message – […]

Pastoral Search Team – March update

How many females & males are associated with FBC? How are decisions communicated? What have we never done at FBC? Find the answers on our FBC profile, information about our church available on the Pastoral Search page of our website. Yes, the FBC profile is complete and it is available for you […]

Church Board Notes – January/February, 2015

In January a major focus of the board meeting concerned the ministry of FBC to our homeless neighbors.  As was addressed in the letter you received, the board took under advisement recommendations from the ad-hoc committee formed in December.  After heartfelt and compassionate discussion the board took the following actions: […]

New Sunday Class at 10:00 a.m.

The BOOK of JOHN Sunday, Jan. 25 10:00 a.m. (ongoing) Bridgebuilders’ Room The class will have a discussion format with a focus on why John was written — ”that you may believe”. Join us as we explore John’s Gospel, often referred to as the “Maverick Gospel” because its perspective is […]

Pastor’s 2014 Annual Report

Pastor’s Report on the Health of the Congregation 2014 was a year of transition for First Baptist Church, with the departure of Kent Harrop as Pastor and the calling of Michael Sayler as Interim Pastor. The primary focus of the congregation has been three-fold: Further understanding what it means to […]

Moderator’s 2014 Annual Reporting

As we begin a new year, there is much to reflect on and give thanks for; we have established a thriving ministry to our neighbors in need, we have welcomed new members, we have experienced fellowship at a variety of events including a delightful luau, and we have lifted our […]

Pastor’s Letter – February 2015

Paul Dekar, writing for Baptist Peacemaker, encourages us to find heroes for our society outside the military. He suggests a roll call that includes Jean Vanier, founder of the L’Arche Community, Cesar Chavez, Harry Emerson Fosdick, William Sloane Coffin, and Martin Luther King Jr. That is only a short part […]

News from Mylinda Baits

Our newest missionary that FBC personally supports is Mylinda Baits. She is a regional missionary with particular focus on issues of human trafficking in the Iberoamerica-Caribbean region. Here is an excerpt from her newsletter. “I speak strongly and passionately about our responsibility as people of faith and believers in the […]