An Immigration Immersion Experience

Tijuana, Mexico, August 10-18, 2019
You are invited to participate in this trip, part of a series of annual immigration immersion trips through a partnership between BPFNA ~ Bautistas por la Paz and American Baptist International Ministries. The purpose of these trips is to bring people into a deeper understanding of the true stories behind the immigration debate in the US, focusing on real relationships and conversations with those whose lives are most impacted by US immigration policy and economic practices.

This trip will be led by Ray Schellinger, ABC’s global consultant for Immigrants and Refugees, who has been leading these trips such as these for 11 years. Participants will fly to San Diego, where they will meet up with Ray who will bring them across the border. The group will be hosted at Deborah’s House, a ministry for victims of domestic violence. This lodging will provide the opportunity to learn from the women and children who reside there, helping participants understand the economic and social difficulties that migrants face.

The trip will include visits with groups such as: Border Angels, an advocacy group for immigrant rights; Dreamer Moms, an organization of deported mothers whose children remain in the US; Deported Vets, an organization providing support and legal aid for deported US veterans; a tour from US Border Patrol; a meeting with a chaplain who works in the immigration detention facility in Mexicali; and much more. For more information, go to