A Volunteer System Developer has been found!

Kyle Sims

We welcome Kyle Sims to this volunteer task. His task will be to develop a volunteer system for FBC that will detail volunteer opportunities and to keep program leaders, volunteers, and the congregation current on needs. Great volunteer matches of interest, skills, and availability will soon become a reality at FBC!

The goal is to have the system operational in August 2016. To help make that happen, Kyle may be contacting you to find out about your experience volunteering at FBC. Please share your insights with him.

Kyle Sims grew up in Seattle, and graduated from Linfield in 1992.  He lived in Japan for four years where he taught junior high school. After returning to the United States, he spent seven years as the Volunteer Coordinator for a large non-profit in Seattle that serves the Asian and Pacific Islander community.  He moved back to Oregon in 2007, and splits his free time between charcuterie, tailoring clothes, and building experimental equipment with his father.