A Tribute to Lucita Duke & Sew ‘n Sos

FBC’s Sew ‘n Sos quilting ministry began over 15 years ago. It started in one of the lower level classrooms on the First Street side of the building. Most of you know the ministry leader, Lucita Duke, passed away on June 1, 2016. During these years, over 100 quilts a year were produced by 20 or so individuals. Quilts were given to Walter Reed National Medical Center as lap quilts for our veterans and locally to Henderson House, Juliette’s House, CASA, Virginia Garcia, WVMC hospital, several nursing homes, individuals of our congregation, and most recently to A Family Place. Sew ‘n Sos are currently located on the second floor above the Fireplace Room. The ministry will continue with 7 dedicated volunteers: Susan Chambers, Kathleen Culbert, Barbara Kauer, Shelly Sanderlin, Cherie Walker, Joyce Early and Jan Whipp.

Would You Like to Join Us in Making Quilts to continue this ministry?  Quilting classes and one-to-one mentoring will be provided this summer. If Interested, Contact – Susan Chambers, susanlanechambers@gmail.com / 503-435-9952

A special tribute to Lucita Duke . . . Lucita Duke quilt Lucita Duke quilt 2

A QUILT OF LIFE  (by Cearra Piontek)

A beginning stitch for her birth. One for her first step, one for all the baby smiles. Another for her natural gifts of art and music. One for the love she received from her mother and another from her dad.

A small touch of green for all the times she touched the earth, a blue piece for the dreams and plans she had of making the world a better place. A purple piece for all the lives she touched and a large red square for Jim, her partner in life, her love.

One block patch to represent her childhood, another her adolescence, beautiful and strong. A pinwheel for early motherhood where her joy never ended and her children always felt how deeply her love ran.

A star block for Jim and her boys, all the grandchildren and now great-grandchildren, too, who she adored.

A star for how proud she was of all of you, for what you’ve already done with your lives and for all your future deeds.

A log cabin block for all of us that loved her deeply and who will never be the same because of her strength, her love, her dedication and affection and overall goodness she brought into this world.

All these colors, patterns and stitches make a patchwork of a life. A life of purpose, of kindness, and of family. A life with God and now a life beyond. A life of beautiful Lucita with her quick smile and the twinkle in her eyes.

We are all so fortunate to be in this particular quilt of life. Lucita made us all feel like a centerpiece in her amazing patchwork, though nothing shone as bright as the quilter herself.

We love and miss you but we shall see you again. I can’t think of a better person than Lucita to decorate the heavens with beautiful quilts.